Monday, October 10, 2011

"My Son" and "My Daughter"

“My Daughter”

I shall step very carefully
I will not make a sound
My feet will only touch
The stepping stones upon the ground

Special Consideration
Is given every engagement
Calculations and strategies pondered
As I maximize every investment

My favorites are the faeries
Which dance within my books
Even my fairy dolly
Which my little brother just took

I like to wrestle with my Dad
And help my mommy
I love an ice cream sundae
And goodnight rubs on my tummy

I will be a doctor
And an artist too
And with my spare time on the weekends
I will volunteer at the zoo

But first I must get
The whole world in proper order
Of course that is only if
I can keep from falling over

“My Son”

Of this I will not think
Do not get in my way
I am actually a tank

A tank that jumps
A tank that even swims
A tank that breaks things
From beginning to the end

And while I am very strong
So is my independence
And while my emotions run deep and long
My heart is so sensitive

The only thing to temper
My compulsiveness
Is the ever changing currents
Of 180 degree sporadic-ness

Currently I NEED, my car
I mean, a train, a rock, a stick
Or is it an otter pop
Or balloon, or block, or brick

This day was very long, and
To bed I must spill
So I can wake early in the morning
And begin to force my will

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