Monday, October 31, 2011

Euro Mullet Chick 2003, version B

and yes i gave this poem to the waitress, well version A that

“Euro Mullet Chick 2003, version B”

This is the story of euro mullet 2003
The sexiest woman I ever did see
But it is not so simple as one may assume
With loins afire and your mind out of tune
The lust evolved in a semi-subtle way
Climbing upon the heart, slipping, so sly, to stay

Not yet ensnared by whimsy and by smile
Out to eat, I scoured the menu for a short while
Then much to my pleasure, from heaven did settle
A hot lil mademoiselle with an ass forged of metal
But, compromised, my hopes simmered and jittered
For her long brown hair was uneven and so tattered
I thought to myself “How can this be?
The face must be lacking, despite the sculpted body.”

Sorrowed by deflation, my eyes slip down her shoulders
Then gracefully she turns, revealing radiant features
From beneath the euro mullet emerged diamond etched eyes
Beneath them a triangle, hedged by firm thighs
With elegant glib she asks for my order
Now not wanting food, my want is to court her
Reading the letters stretched across her breasts
I stammer, “Pizza”, eyeing a potential headrest
Shocked by my request, I sink into remorse
For bouillabaisse was my intended main course
With a flashing smile and a dazzling wink
Away she whisks with her cheeks flushed pink

Damn I wanted her with those tight tight abs
This was a lady whose dessert I had to have
A flight from my chair this big man did jump
The table settings falling to the ground in a lump
Following swishing brown hair, with scattered tips of blonde
I professed my admiration in spontaneous song,

“Euro Mullet, Euro Mullet, Euro Mullet Girl,
I need your little buns in my big ass world.
Euro Mullet, Euro Mullet, Euro Mullet Girl,
I nibble in your nape and bling you with pearls
Euro Mullet, Euro Mullet, Euro Mullet Girl,
I need your love tonight, our love must unfurl.”

Stunned innocence now swept across her angelic face
Her appeal enhanced by peaking panty lace
Swiftly and so quickly her hand swung in a slap
In deep bliss the sting arousing my longing lap

“So you want to play dirty with your euro mullet hair?
I could have guessed as much, but we should do it bare!”

She replied, “Cram it, you yankee, Mr. Rolly Polly Pizza boy.
I am not naïve, although I play at coy.
Just because I take your order, and flash my pearly whites,
Does not mean you can take me out for the night!”

With that she left me, my jaw hanging agape,
I went and waited for my dinner, and then I ate.
Throughout the evening the mullet flittered lightly
I dwelled in rejection, hymning notes quite contritely

Then after the bill was paid,
I planned my final flirt,
But much to my surprise,
She brought me cherries for desert,
This is the story of euro mullet 2003,
The sexiest woman I ever did see!

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