Monday, October 31, 2011

Euro Mullet Chick 2003, version B

and yes i gave this poem to the waitress, well version A that

“Euro Mullet Chick 2003, version B”

This is the story of euro mullet 2003
The sexiest woman I ever did see
But it is not so simple as one may assume
With loins afire and your mind out of tune
The lust evolved in a semi-subtle way
Climbing upon the heart, slipping, so sly, to stay

Not yet ensnared by whimsy and by smile
Out to eat, I scoured the menu for a short while
Then much to my pleasure, from heaven did settle
A hot lil mademoiselle with an ass forged of metal
But, compromised, my hopes simmered and jittered
For her long brown hair was uneven and so tattered
I thought to myself “How can this be?
The face must be lacking, despite the sculpted body.”

Sorrowed by deflation, my eyes slip down her shoulders
Then gracefully she turns, revealing radiant features
From beneath the euro mullet emerged diamond etched eyes
Beneath them a triangle, hedged by firm thighs
With elegant glib she asks for my order
Now not wanting food, my want is to court her
Reading the letters stretched across her breasts
I stammer, “Pizza”, eyeing a potential headrest
Shocked by my request, I sink into remorse
For bouillabaisse was my intended main course
With a flashing smile and a dazzling wink
Away she whisks with her cheeks flushed pink

Damn I wanted her with those tight tight abs
This was a lady whose dessert I had to have
A flight from my chair this big man did jump
The table settings falling to the ground in a lump
Following swishing brown hair, with scattered tips of blonde
I professed my admiration in spontaneous song,

“Euro Mullet, Euro Mullet, Euro Mullet Girl,
I need your little buns in my big ass world.
Euro Mullet, Euro Mullet, Euro Mullet Girl,
I nibble in your nape and bling you with pearls
Euro Mullet, Euro Mullet, Euro Mullet Girl,
I need your love tonight, our love must unfurl.”

Stunned innocence now swept across her angelic face
Her appeal enhanced by peaking panty lace
Swiftly and so quickly her hand swung in a slap
In deep bliss the sting arousing my longing lap

“So you want to play dirty with your euro mullet hair?
I could have guessed as much, but we should do it bare!”

She replied, “Cram it, you yankee, Mr. Rolly Polly Pizza boy.
I am not naïve, although I play at coy.
Just because I take your order, and flash my pearly whites,
Does not mean you can take me out for the night!”

With that she left me, my jaw hanging agape,
I went and waited for my dinner, and then I ate.
Throughout the evening the mullet flittered lightly
I dwelled in rejection, hymning notes quite contritely

Then after the bill was paid,
I planned my final flirt,
But much to my surprise,
She brought me cherries for desert,
This is the story of euro mullet 2003,
The sexiest woman I ever did see!

Human Stew with Coke, version B

For halloween...

“Human Stew with Coke, version B”

I crave my human stew,
I lust after my coke.
In the morning when I wake
I run into a yolk.
Now this makes me hungry,
And thirst ravages my bones,
I stumble to the pantry,
Cold, naked, and alone.
“Alas” the hold is empty
with no food to be found,
So I catch a bus to Luminy,
and begin to prowl the ground.

I spy a mutt to hunt
and begin a stealthy prowl
I dive in for a K9 supper
But am turned by an angry growl

Setting my sights on something trimmer
I stow along a rocky path
There I woo a young lady
With a dazzling display of math
Quickly I knock her in the head
And stick her in a sack
With famine in my stomach
To my pad, my prey, I pack.

Back in my violet kitchen
I prepare my bouillabaisse
Chopped onions, potatoes and carrots
Joined by a green curry paste

In a scare my morsel has awoken
And escaped the nap sack
Honestly, I am shocked
By her large and perky rack
Not to falter in the face of desire
I reach for my flesh cleaver
But as I take a swing
Her eyes lock on her eater
Before the killing blow is landed
She covers me with kisses
With resolve completely disbanded
I sink into a swirling oasis
And joyfully exclaim

I had my human stew
And chased it with a coke

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Modern Barfly

"The modern barfly"

The modern barfly
Does not pry
At least not openly

Mounted in the corner
Unassumingly imbibing
Watching, a withdrawn manner

How can he not judge, a forging fashion


At characters and their mechanisms
Gregarious and in space

The barfly
With him bottomless IPA
And golden onion rings
Fancying the damsels
Witty banter with seductive,
As the juke box
Or the band
Fill the air
Now smokeless
Liberated, yet stale

The barfly
Oh ye shuffle board master
Purveyor of salt
Surveyor of malt
Subscriber to the dead art
   ...of poetry

in the corner and content

But filled with dare
Wielding a pen
Until when
She comes and rubs the bald head
Holding blue eyes
And their dreams
Their observation
Their art
Their schemes
And their insinuations

Go Barfly
You modern muse
an oracle to the imbibed
Orator of the confused

Go Barfly
Observor and scribe
Curator of the mundane

And steeped in the melancholy
Drunken folly
And falling prey
To the mist of the night
The missive of plight
And colorer of the grey

Ode to Muir

"Ode to Muir"

Oh Mr. Muir
Do not be so obscure
My gattling gun of wisdom

Let the grey locks flow
And be quite sure
You usher in a righteous kingdom

One of beer and merriment
And of Scottish discontent
Of reflection
And drunken friendship

Oh Mr. Muir
Do not be so obscure
Just one sea away
Catch a flight
For just one night
And come drink the dusk away


My Brother

My brother is my keeper
Silent, yet on the watch
Clearly a sentry
Who has never seen enough

My brother is my keeper
Stoic and unassuming
But if ye step sideways
His bad ass is looming

My brother is my keeper
Calm and strong by my side
My brother is my keeper
By this I do abide




Crepe for me
Crepe for you
Crepe for one
Crepe for two

A crepe that is green
A crepe that is blue
A crepe I can eat
With a silver spoon

Crepes in pairs
Crepes with hairs
Crepes with striped,
Zippered underwear

Crepes in stew
Or at the Zoo
Crepes in the hall
Or at the mall

Crepe in the rain
Crepe in the pot
Crepe on the toilet
Crepes that are hot

Crepe with fruit
Crepe in boots
Crepe with French fries
Crepes rolled in flutes

Crepe for me
Crepe for you
Crepe for one
Crepe for two

May 2004

Tuesday, October 11, 2011



I do not know
What to tell you
You are more than
A match

A perfect woman
With whom
I could call
The perfect catch

Kisses that come
In unfiltered abundance
Kisses that come
By happenstance

I do not know
What to tell you
But, you are more
Than a match

A perfect woman
With whom
I'm glad
We took a chance




I've run out
The inspiration, aloof

I've run out
My creation, poof

Poof, poof, poof

Beer here!




Drinkeness achieved
Although I wanted to
Spell it with a "B"
Brinkeness achieved
Although I wish
She would not forget me

Stupid Cleopatra
And your sliding
Jello shots
Crawl that f'n wall
Without your sweet
Forget me nots




I am not going to chase
What does not want to be caught
Not going to reel you in
Only to have my heart shot
I'm not gonna cast a lasso
Around your slender neck
Only to have you kiss me
And cause my course to wreck
No baby, I ain't gonna chase
What does not want to be caught

Your laughing eyes
Wear an innocent disguise
Luring me in beneath blue skies
You weave an alluring illusion
Only to cast it in
A confounding confusion
Sliding and pulling away
With skewed crooked reasoning
Only to return the next day
With flirtatious and pointed musings
No, I will not be party to this
I will not accept this gilded rusing


I am not going to chase
What does not want to be caught
Not going to dream of us
Only to have my heart shot
I'm not gonna cast my hopes
Beside your swift footsteps
I'm not gonna treat you right
Only to have you turn left
No baby, I ain't gonna chase
What does not want to be caught

I'm not going to lie at your alter
Only to rot
Not going to chase
For not
For not
For not

October 2011



I am bald headed!
I want to be?

A big shiny orb,
Shining brilliantly

Fuck you!

A Want

"A Want"

I have a want
A girl to flaunt
That certainly fits the bill

An awesome one
With a selfish streak
That forces the bitter pill

She wears her venom eyes
Beneath an Angel disguise
Letting me drink my fill

I do not care
Forsaking my health
Dreaming of what-if - until

I have a need
That she will plead
A want to meet me half-way

That the lusting creed
comes with a deed
To see me through the fray

A woman whose touch
Means so much
And will not fade away

She wears red horns
But bares no scorn
And says, "yes baby, always."




You are crack to me
Bad for me
But a rush all the same

You feel so good to me
An ecstasy
But something I cannot tame

You are a high for me
A bane to me
With only myself to blame

Don't run away from me
My dark fantasy
I'm addicted all the same


Monday, October 10, 2011

"My Son" and "My Daughter"

“My Daughter”

I shall step very carefully
I will not make a sound
My feet will only touch
The stepping stones upon the ground

Special Consideration
Is given every engagement
Calculations and strategies pondered
As I maximize every investment

My favorites are the faeries
Which dance within my books
Even my fairy dolly
Which my little brother just took

I like to wrestle with my Dad
And help my mommy
I love an ice cream sundae
And goodnight rubs on my tummy

I will be a doctor
And an artist too
And with my spare time on the weekends
I will volunteer at the zoo

But first I must get
The whole world in proper order
Of course that is only if
I can keep from falling over

“My Son”

Of this I will not think
Do not get in my way
I am actually a tank

A tank that jumps
A tank that even swims
A tank that breaks things
From beginning to the end

And while I am very strong
So is my independence
And while my emotions run deep and long
My heart is so sensitive

The only thing to temper
My compulsiveness
Is the ever changing currents
Of 180 degree sporadic-ness

Currently I NEED, my car
I mean, a train, a rock, a stick
Or is it an otter pop
Or balloon, or block, or brick

This day was very long, and
To bed I must spill
So I can wake early in the morning
And begin to force my will

Dried Rose

written as Jr in high school...


“Dried Rose”

I hold a dried rose in my hand
Petals stale, leaves turning to sand
The stem a stick, with thorns long banned
I hold a dried rose in my hand

I hold a dried rose in my hand
Some call it dead and call it bland
But the petals crimson and leaves devout
It still emanates beauty without a doubt

I hold a dried rose in my hand

I’ll Take a Knee

written many moons ago when i was 18

“I’ll Take a Knee”

let wisdom be my weapon
let wisdom be my fall
let my week be as short as seven
let my week be as long

so when I come to you
guided by candlelight
I’ll see the love in your eyes
embraced, I’ll know it’s right
the words I’d offer unto you
would bare my dazzled plight
of your hand I wish to only grasp
of this I fear, at this I fright

so when we stand in the glowing dim
for you my tongue I will trim
I’ll reach to grab, I’ll reach to hold
I’ll reach and hold you tight
minute by minute I’ll drip my tears
and wipe yours beneath starlight

among flowing lawns, at first dawn
with cheeks pressed, glistening, in first light
I’ll take a knee, I’ll take a bow
a tear I’m sure to fight
I’ll ask you to stay with me today
so I can hold you another night

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bay Lynx

“Bay Lynx”

The bawl of the bay lynx echoes
Between the fogged ceiling and farmers fields
Through alleyways and out to the piers
The cry trickles along the brooks
It gets trapped in the culverts
Neighborhood dogs bay at the memory
The moon is covered in soot
The horns of automobiles
Snuff out the cry for help

January 2005

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Complexity of the Ventriloquist

 “Complexity of the Ventriloquist”

The pores of my skin
Hold back the shadow
Which darkens the base
Of blonde body hairs
Cast in contrast
Against Fairness
Painted Red

Someone forgot to cut
My fingernails
I can feel their length
And catching at a scab
As they drag
The surface
I doubt those nails are clean

A Ferrier’s nail
Is draped about my neck
The silver of it
Trying to be a
Caught against and in-between
The rambling
And the punctual
And the perpetual

The drums just cheated
On the band
(my man)
Their beat still echoes
In my head
A solo gig
That leaves the silent violin
With her bow
Shredding strings in silence
(But I feel it)

Like a heavy rain
That is sparse
Tricking you with light
But penetrating
-The cold rhythm-
That awakens the skin
A reminder of life
That we curse

Drops collect
On those strewn strings
Quivering and holding on
Vibrating with the
Memory of drums, yet
Pulled south
By the wails of a noiseless violin
Looking for a shadow
Shining in the sun

I look up
To see a tree
A canopy
Of limbs and leaves
And birds and things
I do not think
They are wet
But the tree
And it sways
In Rhythm

With the man
Pedaling the old bicycle
Down the block
And the lurching
Of the blocks
Public clock
I take a deep breath
And let my shadows out

November 2005

Beautiful Poetry

“Beautiful Poetry”

Beautiful Poetry
Is how I see you, dancing before me
Beautiful Poetry
Is how I see you, in my memory
Beautiful Poetry
With lines of grace, narrowing to a swaying waste
Beautiful Poetry
Etched in your radiant angel’s face
Beautiful Poetry
Your pouting lips, their caramel taste
Beautiful Poetry
The curve of your thigh, the swing of your skirt
Beautiful Poetry
Your words a soft song, your fire burning strong
Beautiful Poetry
The love in your eyes, the embrace that ties

Me to you

Beautiful Poetry
Riding the currents of time, lingering in my mind

May 2006