Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Modern Barfly

"The modern barfly"

The modern barfly
Does not pry
At least not openly

Mounted in the corner
Unassumingly imbibing
Watching, a withdrawn manner

How can he not judge, a forging fashion


At characters and their mechanisms
Gregarious and in space

The barfly
With him bottomless IPA
And golden onion rings
Fancying the damsels
Witty banter with seductive,
As the juke box
Or the band
Fill the air
Now smokeless
Liberated, yet stale

The barfly
Oh ye shuffle board master
Purveyor of salt
Surveyor of malt
Subscriber to the dead art
   ...of poetry

in the corner and content

But filled with dare
Wielding a pen
Until when
She comes and rubs the bald head
Holding blue eyes
And their dreams
Their observation
Their art
Their schemes
And their insinuations

Go Barfly
You modern muse
an oracle to the imbibed
Orator of the confused

Go Barfly
Observor and scribe
Curator of the mundane

And steeped in the melancholy
Drunken folly
And falling prey
To the mist of the night
The missive of plight
And colorer of the grey

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