Wednesday, November 2, 2011

“My Blood is Ageing Concrete”

“My Blood is Ageing Concrete”

Now upon my shoulder is a roost
And upon do talons perch
Now my shoulder is a post
From this vantage does he search

From alleyways to breezeways
In bright of day or at night
He watches and observes man
Citing him somber and trite

My blood is ageing concrete
Here I gaze, to always stand
Though storms and ice scathe my skin
Coal black wings bring him to land

I stay to guard my courtyard
Why he comes, I do not know
While they praise the monument
Mankind cowers from the crow

“In God’s Shadow”

“In God’s Shadow”

Buttresses of stone rise with rough rocked lines
Portraying the domineering steeple, accompanied by gargoyle eyes

And under God’s shadow I spell with forced mellow
To my soul for a thought, I appeal, echoing hollow

Searching meandering by-ways for inner connection
Pointed stained glass windows cast back a disfigured reflection

Grasping to see a shard of my whole self
I peer through iron bound Angels to find Mary and Jesus embellishing a shelf

To blood painted doors I step my stilted stride
With Mary and Christ, surely God must reside

Determined burning hands grip the gates chilled iron handle
Muscles strain, but fail to dislodge the wood bound by metal

The cathedral locked and blessed by holy saints, I turn
Unnoticed I leave reading, “Become of God and Learn.”

The soulless chisel born message champions from beneath my soles
With the promise of knowledge in the almighty making thee whole

Yet cobweb draped halls remain removed from my tread,
But the rules bellowed from within, shall I follow till I’m dead?

Tis a dilemma whose answer harries not
A question that sails with the peace of a dreadnaught

For to no fire do I wish to never succumb
Yet to avoid this fate in life afore all is gray and numb

No. No! White brilliance beckons from within dreams coils
The purity of light splintered by denominational spoils

Buttresses of stone rise with form forced lines
Portraying the imperious steeple, flanked by darkening skies

“I Intend to Rot!”

I intend to rot!

I wear my socks
though they bother my toes
I wear my blanket
and underwear from Tuesday

I made it to the couch
(I fell asleep there,
I have a remote

I intend to rot
eating is too far away
so is the bathroom
it hurts, but I am busy rotting

the shades are down
and I hear rain
the heater is broke
and it is January

my feet are wet
I stepped in a puddle Wednesday
I ran out of booze
and should be getting ready for Church
(but, I intend to rot)


"Two Flowers"

More affectionately known as "Olive Heads"...