Monday, October 31, 2011

Human Stew with Coke, version B

For halloween...

“Human Stew with Coke, version B”

I crave my human stew,
I lust after my coke.
In the morning when I wake
I run into a yolk.
Now this makes me hungry,
And thirst ravages my bones,
I stumble to the pantry,
Cold, naked, and alone.
“Alas” the hold is empty
with no food to be found,
So I catch a bus to Luminy,
and begin to prowl the ground.

I spy a mutt to hunt
and begin a stealthy prowl
I dive in for a K9 supper
But am turned by an angry growl

Setting my sights on something trimmer
I stow along a rocky path
There I woo a young lady
With a dazzling display of math
Quickly I knock her in the head
And stick her in a sack
With famine in my stomach
To my pad, my prey, I pack.

Back in my violet kitchen
I prepare my bouillabaisse
Chopped onions, potatoes and carrots
Joined by a green curry paste

In a scare my morsel has awoken
And escaped the nap sack
Honestly, I am shocked
By her large and perky rack
Not to falter in the face of desire
I reach for my flesh cleaver
But as I take a swing
Her eyes lock on her eater
Before the killing blow is landed
She covers me with kisses
With resolve completely disbanded
I sink into a swirling oasis
And joyfully exclaim

I had my human stew
And chased it with a coke

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