Monday, October 10, 2011

I’ll Take a Knee

written many moons ago when i was 18

“I’ll Take a Knee”

let wisdom be my weapon
let wisdom be my fall
let my week be as short as seven
let my week be as long

so when I come to you
guided by candlelight
I’ll see the love in your eyes
embraced, I’ll know it’s right
the words I’d offer unto you
would bare my dazzled plight
of your hand I wish to only grasp
of this I fear, at this I fright

so when we stand in the glowing dim
for you my tongue I will trim
I’ll reach to grab, I’ll reach to hold
I’ll reach and hold you tight
minute by minute I’ll drip my tears
and wipe yours beneath starlight

among flowing lawns, at first dawn
with cheeks pressed, glistening, in first light
I’ll take a knee, I’ll take a bow
a tear I’m sure to fight
I’ll ask you to stay with me today
so I can hold you another night

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