Monday, September 26, 2011


“Voices Part 1: Letters”

I receive your letters
And manifest complexity
And try and interpret such
As amorous curiosity

And while this must suffice
My preference for thee – would be
To share a cantankerous bottle of wine
And to hold you close to me

But such is not our arrangement
And I am left with but a single choice
To part ways with my pocket change
And call to taste the sugar in your voice

September 2005

“Voices Part 2: I Love to Hear You Smile”

I love to hear you smile
It is a simple kind of pleasure
I love to hear you smile
No matter what the hour
I love to hear you smile                                                                                        
No matter the length or measure
I love to hear you smile
It is a simple kind of pleasure

The corners of your mouth
Rise to tease my tears
The fullness of your lips
Waylay certain fears
The brightening of your eyes
Casts a ubiquitous warmth
The blush of your cheeks
Caresses my heart

I love to hear you smile
It is a simple kind of pleasure

September 2005

“Voices Part 3:  Echoes”

Only the echoes
Of your voice
Soothe my ears
Stringing them
With the torture
Of memory
And the pain
Of our epiphany
With coded words
Mouthed with telling lips
By a betraying glance
From behind
Your sheltering
Cinnamon hair

September 2005

“Voices 4: Phone Call”

The night is dark and I am staring at the wall
Hoping for just one drunken phone call
From you calling to say hi
(Perhaps high) and in a mood for trouble

Your words an elixir of nectar
Filling my lonely ears with sweetness
Asking simple questions
Parlaying seemingly simple statements
That play to my desires
            My hands reaching back
            Through space
            To stoke your fire
            One night
As I stare at a wall
Waiting, hoping
For just one drunken phone call
(in the dark)

May 2006

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